Direct Contact LLC was born of the need for heat recovery systems capable of handling fibers in a Pulp Mill’s ‘whitewater’ streams. Indirect heat exchangers were foul-prone and ‘whitewater’ would blind most packings. The mill was very interested in saving the heat venting out of their stacks. An exhaustive search for an industrial supplier of such equipment resulted in the realization that it just wasn’t available.

Bill Carson, Founder and Chief Engineer, applied his Mechanical and Chemical Engineering know-how, along with his pulp process knowledge to develop the first recovery system. His ideas and equipment were presented and sold to pulp mill managers, who quickly appreciated the large savings such a system could deliver. Designed to capture waste heat from the refiner and deliver it directly to ‘whitewater’ streams, the systems worked beautifully, saving both energy and water to such a degree that they paid for themselves in less than two years!

Direct Contact LLC was established in Renton, WA in 1992. The company principals have systematically assembled a team of professionals to support expanding on Bill’s this innovative ideas. The company has successfully installed progressively more sophisticated systems (patent pending) throughout the nation. Our systems are transparent to the processes, in that they can be taken off line for routine inspections without affecting our client’s processes. Our systems are durable and currently recovering heat (and water) in numerous applications, including:

  • Boilers using different fuels
  • Turbines
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Gypsum wallboard manufacturing
  • Chemical process industries

Energy savings, water recovery, reduced CO2 emissions, particulate removal, and process transparency combine to make this technology worth considering.

Direct Contact LLC’s capabilities extend beyond supplying equipment. We include process and site evaluation, preliminary engineering, final design, fabrication and construction management. DCLLC offers a full Turnkey Package, enabling our clients to concentrate on what they do best.