Direct vs Indirect
Heat Recovery Vessels
Open vs Closed


Direct Contact LLC. (DCLLC) Heat Recovery Systems bring heated exhaust/vent gas into direct contact with the contact liquid. This differs significantly from other systems, which employ coils, tubes, or plates to provide a heat transfer surface and keep the streams physically separated (indirect contact). The surface of the droplets generated in the DCI Heat Recovery Vessel are continually replenished and refreshed, avoiding the issues of fouling of the heat transfer surface common in other designs and making it now possible to effectively recover waste heat from fouling-prone streams. Designed to be ‘transparent’ to the upstream process, DCLLC Heat Recovery Systems are custom-engineered to the client’s specific needs and are configured to return service to pre-installation conditions when out-of-service, allowing for any inspections or regular maintenance without requiring shutdown of the client’s process.

DCI Heat Recovery Systems are supplied on a stand-alone skid or along with associated equipment on a full ‘turnkey’ basis. Individual components of these systems and/or other custom-designed systems can also be ordered separately. Other equipment available from DCI includes:

  • Economizers
  • Supplementary Direct-fired heaters
  • Gas Absorbers and Strippers
  • Evaporators
  • Scrubbers
  • High Temperature Quench Systems

Direct vs. Indirect Heat Recovery
Heat Recovery Vessels
Open vs. Closed Systems